It looks like adding “Swine Flu” as a blog title in a website called “The pig’s ear” had unitentionally racked up my page views…oops…

–end of edit–

Seriously? Swine Flu? I saw this when I ventured out to the shop today to get a few essentials (read “toilet roll”). On every paper was a line that basically said “YOU WILL DIE OF SWINE FLU!”. Oh my bloody God! How many kinds of flu scare are we going to have? (Ok I realise that there are many strains of flu) But do the papers have to make it sound like the zombie apocalypse?

Ah…that felt better. Good ol’ rant. OH! One more thing: If someone asks you for a white coffee and a black coffee with milk, surely that is TWO WHITE COFFEES!

Ok, rant is really over  now. You may go about your business. Just don’t ask for a coffee.