The other day an old friend of mine got back in contact with me. I have to say it perked me up no end. You see back in the day the Curtis (that’s the friend who got in contact by the way), my younger bother and myself were inseparable. We played computer games, pissed around in trees and watched terrible movies from the local video rental shop (which is an estate agent now).

Well here’s the weird bit: He had a baby when I wasn’t looking! well…not him, I think the missus did most of the work.  He’s got the best name ever and I’m convinced he’s been named after a superhero (well…that’s what I’m choosing to believe).

This is doubly weird as another friend of mine is expecting a baby soon. My mate Ray (who without the odd technical pointer here and there you wouldn’t be reading this right now) should be having his baby girl any day now.

Through the power of the inter-bot I want you to feed good vibes to him and his missus! go on DO IT! Oh and…after that why not check out my handy dandy donation button just over there.

Nothing like a bit of warm and fuzzy ruined by shameless self whoring.