At the moment I am sat in my parents house in a ridiculously comfy sofa on my folks laptop. I’ve been here since Saturday afternoon and I’ve done nothing. Seriously, absoloutly nothing. I haven’t looked at my sexy DSi that I brought with me, in fact the most I’ve done is draw a page of hands for a spot of practice in my sketch book.

I’ve got to say that it’s just what I needed. Work has been mad the past month or so and I’m always scrabbling to get the next thing on my big list of things done in time (Pig’s Ear included, although I’ve manged to get out of my habit of leaving it until about 5 hours before the deadline). I’ve walked around the town too since the weather has been good and basically just spent the last couple of days recharging my batteries and I feel all the better for it.

On another note The Pig’s Ear has been reviewed by Coyote Trax’s Webcomic Critique. Go and have a look, he says some nice things (obviously, or I probably wouldn’t have directed you over there). While you’re at it young Mr Coyote is always on the look out for new webcomics to review (less than a year old) so if you happen across one or have one yourself drop the fella a line after you’ve read through a few more of his reviews.