Things have calmed down at last and I was all ready to start on the comic again…only my PC has decided to randomly restart. As you can imagine that makes photoshop more than a little frustrating. Once I get the old girl up and running again I’ll be back in action. Thanks for your considerable patience.

I’m starting to realise that most of my journals are me apologising for my absence but good GOD I’ve got a good reason.

If you read my last journal where I apologised for not being around you’ll notice I had just moved flat, well guess what, I MOVED AGAIN! Turns out my previous landlord was illegally subletting to us, he was renting the place from his Mum and didn’t tell his Mum that he was subletting the place out. Of course she was pissed when she came to visit her son and see all this stuff she didn’t recognise (she appeared while we were out) and so wanted us out.

This is where it gets fun: Under Scottish law he was legally obliged to end our tenancy so yes we had to leave, however there are certain procedures that need to be observed in order for the eviction to be legal. He didn’t do any of them. We should have been given a written notice to quit of no less than 28 days, while we were given a month to leave we were never given any formal written notice making the eviction illegal. On top of that my flatmate was receiving texts from our landlord as early as three days after asking us to leave asking if we had a moving out date!

Now if all that was not enough it also turns out that neither him or his Mum are registered with the local authority as landlords for the property. By law in Scotland you need to be registered as a landlord for every property you wish to rent.

I am STILL waiting for my deposit back despite having been moved out for more than 2 weeks and already giving the keys back.

I am now in the process of taking him to court, which is difficult since he won’t give me his home address to send the summons (I have other options though).

This is why I’ve been so absent and why the Pigs Ear has pretty much been on hold for what feels like forever. Thanks for sticking with me, I really want to get back into the swing of things but as you can tell its been a tough month. Anyway, that’s been my passed month or so, how are you?