So what is “The Pig’s Ear” Exactly?
Well, The Pig’s Ear (occasionally refered to simply as “The Pig”) is the tavern in which the comic is set. The comic itself is about the misadventures of it’s staff and various other random fantasy characters. It updates every Thursday.

And you are?
Oh yeah, me! I’m Craig Munro; a 25 year old man child who has loved comics and cartoons for years and has always wanted to try and make a career out of it. This is all kind of a big experiment for me, learning the ropes and pulling my hair out everytime I try to update comicpress and break the site.

Currently I am unemployed but looking forward to going back to college in August to learn “visual communication” (where I will communicate…visually.)

So how do I get in touch with you? In case I want to send love/hate mail/hookers?
I have a handy dandy email address: